Finished Concrete Floors

DIY Acid staining concrete floors is an easy, beautiful, allergy free and affordable alternative for to other indoor flooring options..These are my notes on creating nice residential concrete floors. In my primary residence, I put in about sq ft of concrete floors in the lower level..Discover the benefits of sealing a concrete floor. See examples of concrete floors with different types of sealers..Concrete stain, garage floor paint, and epoxy flooring can turn plain concrete into a masterpiece. FREE expert tips on how to apply..

Image Result For Finished Concrete Floors

Image Result For Finished Concrete Floors

Concrete polishing results in a floor with a smooth, high .er finish that resembles polished stone, yet never requires waxing. Metallic epoxies contain real metallic powders or special reflective pigments to give concrete floors the look of copper, silver, aged bronze, nickel, and other shimmery patinas..Polished Concrete Polishing Basics Learn how to polish concrete floors to produce a high gloss finish that never needs waxing.Homeowners also have a wide choice of designs, textures, styles, and even colors to choose from with concrete floors. Here are just a few of the innovative ideas for finishing a concrete floor Scoring uses circular saws with special blades to cut shallow grooves and shapes into the floors..It’s not just for sidewalks concrete is a stylish choice for indoor floors. Its surface can be finished in various wayswith colors, stains, and aggregatesand given a textured surface or buffed until gl.y..

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